An unusual organization

After a scam goes wrong, Luna takes refuge at the Crescent, home of a group of people called the Ambi.

At first, the Ambi seem to be genuinely helpful but later, Luna learns that nothing in the Ambi is gained without giving up one’s freedom.

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Catch all those juicy moments

Ch 2.2: Bittersweet is the Default Flavor


A family that has withered many storms (sometimes caused by each other)

It all started when Haven Cash spent all of her savings on a big, empty plot of land.

A home was built, friends became spouses, and a family that would see many generations began.

Chapter 2: Invisible Traps - Monroes Story


Secrets are the chains that keep this opulent family from happiness

The Monroe Mansion is home to three generations but smiles are few and tears are many.

Lies and secrets plague their lives and the more they try to keep up appearances, the bigger the lies become.

Chapter 3: Disturbing Discoveries - Ristical Story


Trying to explain a crazy person’s actions will only make you insane

Ristica leaves her small town in search of adventure and excitement. She meets Jamey, a drummer in her cousin’s band, and the chemistry is obvious from the start.

Unfortunately, she isn’t the only one with eyes for Jamey and her rival would kill for him.

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