Ambivalence Episode 1: The First Children

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For too long, the Sims at Ristical have been living peaceful, uninterrupted lives…

Until now

About Ambivalence

A young lady finds herself at the mercy of a strange, new organization called the Ambi. At first, they seem genuinely helpful towards the community and the world in general, but a few members will eventually come to learn that there is something truly amiss about the Ambi.

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Raw Script

Opening Scene

0 Starts with Luna running away

0 Narration: My name is Cara. Or rather, it used to be.

0 Narration: I never thought I’d find myself there but I was desperate. I had nowhere else to go

0 Norah and Althea standing in the doorway of the Ambi House looking at Luna who is crying

0 ???: There are dangerous people looking for me! Please let me hide inside!

0 Norah: Two in one week? Well, come inside, child

0 Inside the main hall of Ambi building (called the Crescent)

0 Norah: What is your name?

0 ???: I would rather not tell anyone

0 Norah: I see. Can you at least tell me why you’re being chased?

0 ???: My boyfriend… he swindled money out of a desperate man

0 ???: The man brought his friends to threaten us. When we refused to open the door, they forced their way in

0 Althea: So, where is your boyfriend now?

0 ???: I don’t know. All I know is that I can’t go back out there. If it’s not too much trouble for you, please let me stay here just for a night or two

0 Norah: I’ll give you more than a place to sleep. I’ll give you a new life

0 Norah: Henceforth, your name is Luna because you came in the night

Opening Theme

Scene 1

1 Norah: I’m Norah and this young lady beside me is Althea. She will show you Our Ways

1 Althea: Come with me

1 Luna gets up and follows Althea through a passage and up some stairs to a room (bunk beds, a dresser with lots of shelves, a bookshelf, and a bathroom).

1 Inside, there’s a pregnant girl (Alma as Zara) sleeping on the bottom of a bunk bed. She is wearing pajamas

1 Althea: You can sleep in this room. Tomorrow morning, I’ll bring you new clothes and then I’ll show you Our Ways

1 Luna: Your ways?

1 Althea: Yes. The ways of the Ambi. Get some rest

1 Luna goes to sleep


Scene 2

2 Luna’s dream about what happened to her

2 Luna is having coffee in the kitchen of her old house

2 Cara: We’ve never scored this much, Santiago. What if we get caught?

2 Santiago: We’re leaving first thing tomorrow. Alright, Cara?

2 Santiago: I’ll protect you.

2 There are armed men are outside

2 Santiago: Quickly! Go out the back door

2 Luna manages to get outside and run away

2 The men break in and attack Santiago

2 A gun shot is heard


Scene 3

3 Luna wakes up with a fright. It’s morning. The pregnant girl staring out the window

3 Luna: Just a bad dream

3 Luna: Hope I didn’t wake you. I guess we’re roommates now

3 ???: I guess. It’s not like I have a choice. Do you have a name?

3 Luna: I’m …

3 (Flashback) Santiago: Alright, Cara?

3 Luna: I’m … I’m Luna

3 Zara: New name? Well, you can call me Zara

3 Luna: Has… what’s her name… Has Althea come yet?

3 Zara: No, but if you’re not into that airy-fairy spiritual stuff then I suggest you leave while you still can


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