Ambivalence Episode 2: The Messenger
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Ambivalence Episode 2: The Messenger

Welcome to another episode of Ambivalence. In this episode, we focus on the messengers – not just Malaki but the other Ambi as well.

Sometimes, strong messages aren’t as simple as emotive words and bold actions. No matter how subtle, there is a message in everything.

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Raw Script


X ???: My boyfriend… he swindled money out of a desperate man

X Norah: Henceforth, your name is Luna because you came in the night

X Althea: That’s Ambi Malaki, the messenger

X Zara: These people are crazy. Leave while you still can

X Malaki: The Ambi can really make it worth your while

X Norah: Get close to her by all means necessary, all of you


Opening scene

0 Its morning

0 Inside a messy apartment

0 Malaki: I always knew you would fail the Ambi

0 Malaki: But Norah sees potential in everyone

0 Malaki: Even betrayers (a dead man is floating in a bath tub while Malaki sits beside him)


Opening theme


Scene 1

1 Upstairs, in the room under construction, all the walls are painted. It looks more complete

1 Norah and Althea are chatting

1 Norah: It’s coming along nicely. Malaki has done well

1 Althea: He has. Where is he anyway?

1 (Referring to Malaki’s murder) Norah: Running an errand for me

1 Althea: What for?

1 Norah: Nothing you need to concern yourself with

1 Norah: The Assembly should commence soon. Let us go

1 Norah is about to leave but Althea is still standing there angrily

1 (Embraces Althea from behind) Norah: Althea, dear, not everything is for your knowledge

1 Norah kisses Althea

1 Althea: I understand


Scene 2

2 Norah goes downstairs to the second floor

2 She finds her husband Rey standing there waiting for her

2 Norah: What are you still doing here?

2 Rey: A word in my office, please


Scene 3

3 Inside the main auditorium

3 Luna is standing around lost in thought

3 A man (Santiago) walks in

3 (Luna’s back is still turned) Luna: They aren’t letting people in yet

3 Santiago: Cara, it’s me

3 Luna faces him. Luna is shocked to see him


Scene 4

4 Inside Rey’s office

4 Norah: You seem troubled. Is something wrong?

4 Rey: I’m afraid so. The betrayer has gone missing

4 Norah: It’s all been taken care of

4 Rey: When? Did you pay him off?

4 Norah laughs as she sits down on the sofa

4 Norah: Oh, Rey. Don’t be so naïve

4 Norah: He won’t be coming back

4 Rey: Hmm… Interesting.

4 Rey: The other issue is Zara. Come see this recording I got from the room

4 They both get up to go look at a video on the computer

4 (As they watch the video) Zara: I know how generous they can be but it comes at a price

4 Rey: I think it’s time she left

4 Norah: No. We need that baby

4 Norah: Let me handle her


Scene 5

5 Outside main auditorium (just before the exit)

5 Luna: How did you find me?

5 Santiago: It doesn’t matter. I’m just so happy to see you, Cara

5 Luna: Shh! Don’t call me that! These people don’t know my real name

5 Santiago: You don’t have to stay. Let’s leave before its dark

5 Luna: And go where? How?

5 Santiago: It wasn’t easy but I retrieved all the cash. We can still leave

5 Luna: I don’t know, Santi. I don’t want to spend my life on the run anymore

5 Santiago: Like I always tell you, I’ll protect you

5 Santiago embraces Luna

5 Santiago: I promise

5 Althea is watching them from behind the wall


Scene 6

6 Norah is waiting in the office

6 Zara comes in

6 Norah: Have a seat

6 Norah: So tell me, what ridiculous reason do you have to not attend the Assembly?

6 Zara: I already told you. I’m not interested

6 Norah: You should be

6 Zara: Excuse me?

6 Norah: Imagine this headline

6 Norah: “Pop star Charlie Leighs choses personal trainer over pregnant ex-girlfriend”

6 (flashback) Monroes story scene: Alma (Zara) pushing Charlie Leighs down the stairs

6 Zara: No… You wouldn’t

6 Norah: Then you don’t know me very well

6 (She stands up) Zara: I’ll leave

6 Norah: The Ambi will always find you, silly little girl

6 Norah: Now, be a good girl and attend the Assembly this evening


Scene 7

7 Rey is talking at the podium

7 Everyone is seated and listening

7 Santiago and Luna are about to leave but Althea stops them

7 (To Santiago) Luna: Let’s go

7 Althea: Go where?

7 Althea: Santiago will be staying for the Assembly, right Luna?

7 Luna looks worried

7 They join everyone else at Assembly

7 In the middle of Rey’s sermon, a woman comes in screaming and crying

7 ???: You people are evil! You killed him!

7 ???: You killed my William!

7 Rey and Norah look angry

7 Malaki rushes to get her out

7 Luna is terrified


Scene 8

8 Norah is in the office looking stressed

8 Malaki walks in

8 Malaki: That was Melina, William’s wife. Not legally, though

8 Malaki: Glad that drama is over, right?

8 Norah: It’s not over. Didn’t you see how many people left?

8 Malaki: At least Rey managed to continue his speech

8 Norah: We have been preparing our people for the Assembly for MONTHS!

8 Norah: Because of that woman, people will doubt the Ambi

8 Malaki: Norah, I’ll fix this, I promise

8 Norah: First, prove you have the brains for it

8 Althea comes in

8 Norah: What is going on out there?

8 Althea: People are starting to ask questions. And Luna might leave with her boyfriend

8 Norah: As if our numbers weren’t low enough

8 Malaki: I may have a solution for all our problems

8 The three of them have a discussion that is not known to the audience

8 Norah: This plan of yours might actually succeed

8 Althea: I’ll work on Luna. Make sure you’re ready with Melina, Malaki

8 Malaki: I’m always ready (Malaki smiling at Althea)


Scene 9

9 Althea: Luna, please come with me. It’s very important

9 Althea nudges Luna out of the Assembly

9 Althea: After all the help the Ambi has given you, I’m sure you can spare a little in return

9 Luna: How so?

9 Althea: That woman you saw, Melina, is mentally unstable

9 Althea: Ambi Malaki needs to drive her home in the morning but she doesn’t trust him. Perhaps you could go with them

9 Althea: I would go myself but Ambi Rey needs me here

9 Luna: What about Santiago?

9 Althea: Ambi Norah would like to meet him

9 Luna: Well… Okay. I guess I’ll go with them

9 Althea: Great. And one more thing

9 Althea: Please keep an eye on Ambi Malaki

9 Luna: Why?

9 Althea: I can’t tell you. I’m sorry.

9 Althea walks away without giving an explanation while Luna is worried


Scene 10

10 It’s the next day

10 Malaki, Luna and Melina are walking to his car

10 The car drives for several hours

10 It’s sunset

10 The sun sets and it gets dark and they are still driving

10 Melina falls asleep in the backseat

10 Luna: Where exactly are we going? We’ve been on the road for hours

10 Malaki: Melina is a long way from home. She lives on the outskirts

10 Malaki: See that hill? We’re almost there

10 Malaki stops the car in the middle of the forest

10 Malaki: Wait in the car. I’ll take Melina

10 Malaki wakes up Melina. They walk into the woods together

10 Luna: I don’t think there are even any houses up in these mountains

10 (Luna remembers Althea’s words) Althea: Please keep an eye on Ambi Malaki

10 Luna gets out of the car and quietly goes in the direction Malaki went

10 Malaki is at the edge of a cliff with Melina, arguing

10 Malaki pushes Melina off the cliff

10 (Screaming) Luna: NO!!!

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