Ambivalence Episode 4: In Friends We Fear

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One devious couple puts a permanent end to another, a prisoner has an honest conversation with her jailer, an Ambi member who once appeared innocent shows her true colors, and a desperate young lady considers an usual offer.

Find out all this and more in Ambivalence.

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X Malaki: Me? But we were the last people seen with her

X Malaki: Who will they believe: a con artist or the Messenger of the Ambi?

X Norah: Was your trip successful?

X Malaki: Very much. She met the Hanley family and saw all that the Ambi helped them achieve

X Santiago: Cara came up with the plan. She always does

X Malaki: Not a word to anyone about tonight

X Malaki: All this can be yours

X Santiago: Hmm… What’s the catch?

X Malaki: You have to leave without Luna

X Althea: He left. I’m so sorry, Luna

X Rey: Instead, each of you will place your hand as close to this burning candle as possible

X Rey: How long you do it for will indicate your loyalty

X Malaki: If any of these people leave, I’ll hand you over to the man that you and Santiago scammed

X Luna placing her hand over candle

X Luna screaming in pain

X Malaki: Good performance. You even fooled Norah

X Melina: Hey… can I have Santiago’s cut?

X Melina: It’s not like he’ll even get to spend it

X Malaki: Tonight, let’s forget about the world out there


Opening Scene

#0 It is morning. Melina’s flat

#0 Melina and Malaki are asleep, nude

#0 Melina wakes up

#0 Melina: Get up, Malaki. It’s morning

#0 Malaki: Go back to sleep. I wanna stay a little longer

#0 Melina: Get up and phone Greg. Make sure the job is done

#0 Malaki: No need to. I trust Greg

#0 Melina gets the phone and rests in Malaki’s arm

#0 Melina: Fine. I’ll do it

#0 Melina gets out of bed and dials a number

#0 (On the phone) Melina: How’s the weather over there?

#0 Transition to desert and then to fuel station

#0 (On the phone) Greg: You might wanna stay indoors

#0 Show Santiago at a fuel station and Greg back turned, still on the phone

#0 Greg: There’s gonna be a heat wave today

#0 Black screen and sound of explosion

#0 Greg: Survivors – ZERO


Opening Theme Song


Scene 1

#1 Still morning

#1 Norah is sitting upstairs in the gallery

#1 Luna appears in the doorway, distressed.

#1 Norah: Have a seat, dear

#1 Luna sits beside Norah on a bench

#1 Norah: You said you wanted to ask me something

#1 Luna: Yes. Why are you so determined to keep me here?

#1 (smiling) Norah: Because I… you remind me of myself

#1 Luna looks annoyed

#1 Norah: You are just like me when I was your age

#1 Norah: Chasing after the things others can only dream of having

#1 Norah: Rey was the same. He inherited the Ambi from his parents and we devoted our lives to it

#1 (show her son) Norah: Now our son will inherit the Ambi and all who belong to it

#1 Luna: That doesn’t answer my question

#1 Norah: Luna, I believe that you and Santiago would have turned out like Rey and I if he hadn’t left. But there is still hope

#1 Luna: Hope for what?

#1 Norah: For you to reach your full potential


Scene 2

#2 The city

#2 Althea is wearing sunglasses to disguise herself. She has a new hairstyle. She’s holding a handbag and is in a backstreet


With an imagination like Sylrette, it's no wonder that all she wants to do is write it all down for you to read and get lost in it as she often does. | First Sims game: Sims 2 Pets on PS2 | Favourite Sims EP: Sims 3 Late Night | Honest opinion of Sims 4: "You won't like it until you've actually tried it WITH the latest update."

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