Ambivalence Episode 4: In Friends We Fear

One devious couple puts a permanent end to another, a prisoner has an honest conversation with her jailer… … Continue readingAmbivalence Episode 4: In Friends We Fear

Ambivalence Episode 4: In Friends We Fear

One devious couple puts a permanent end to another, a prisoner has an honest conversation with her jailer, an Ambi member who once appeared innocent shows her true colors, and a desperate young lady considers an usual offer.

Find out all this and more in Ambivalence.

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X Malaki: Me? But we were the last people seen with her

X Malaki: Who will they believe: a con artist or the Messenger of the Ambi?

X Norah: Was your trip successful?

X Malaki: Very much. She met the Hanley family and saw all that the Ambi helped them achieve

X Santiago: Cara came up with the plan. She always does

X Malaki: Not a word to anyone about tonight

X Malaki: All this can be yours

X Santiago: Hmm… What’s the catch?

X Malaki: You have to leave without Luna

X Althea: He left. I’m so sorry, Luna

X Rey: Instead, each of you will place your hand as close to this burning candle as possible

X Rey: How long you do it for will indicate your loyalty

X Malaki: If any of these people leave, I’ll hand you over to the man that you and Santiago scammed

X Luna placing her hand over candle

X Luna screaming in pain

X Malaki: Good performance. You even fooled Norah

X Melina: Hey… can I have Santiago’s cut?

X Melina: It’s not like he’ll even get to spend it

X Malaki: Tonight, let’s forget about the world out there


Opening Scene

#0 It is morning. Melina’s flat

#0 Melina and Malaki are asleep, nude

#0 Melina wakes up

#0 Melina: Get up, Malaki. It’s morning

#0 Malaki: Go back to sleep. I wanna stay a little longer

#0 Melina: Get up and phone Greg. Make sure the job is done

#0 Malaki: No need to. I trust Greg

#0 Melina gets the phone and rests in Malaki’s arm

#0 Melina: Fine. I’ll do it

#0 Melina gets out of bed and dials a number

#0 (On the phone) Melina: How’s the weather over there?

#0 Transition to desert and then to fuel station

#0 (On the phone) Greg: You might wanna stay indoors

#0 Show Santiago at a fuel station and Greg back turned, still on the phone

#0 Greg: There’s gonna be a heat wave today

#0 Black screen and sound of explosion

#0 Greg: Survivors – ZERO


Opening Theme Song


Scene 1

#1 Still morning

#1 Norah is sitting upstairs in the gallery

#1 Luna appears in the doorway, distressed.

#1 Norah: Have a seat, dear

#1 Luna sits beside Norah on a bench

#1 Norah: You said you wanted to ask me something

#1 Luna: Yes. Why are you so determined to keep me here?

#1 (smiling) Norah: Because I… you remind me of myself

#1 Luna looks annoyed

#1 Norah: You are just like me when I was your age

#1 Norah: Chasing after the things others can only dream of having

#1 Norah: Rey was the same. He inherited the Ambi from his parents and we devoted our lives to it

#1 (show her son) Norah: Now our son will inherit the Ambi and all who belong to it

#1 Luna: That doesn’t answer my question

#1 Norah: Luna, I believe that you and Santiago would have turned out like Rey and I if he hadn’t left. But there is still hope

#1 Luna: Hope for what?

#1 Norah: For you to reach your full potential


Scene 2

#2 The city

#2 Althea is wearing sunglasses to disguise herself. She has a new hairstyle. She’s holding a handbag and is in a backstreet

#2 A man comes to her. He has a cap to hide his face a bit. He looks tense

#2 Althea: Eagle 67, right?

#2 Eagle 67: That’s right. How much do you need?

#2 Althea: Enough to incapacitate him

#2 Eagle 67: I’ll give you one bottle

#2 Althea: Will that get the job done?

#2 Eagle 67: One teaspoon every day. Nothing more or else…

2 He walks behind her, away

#2 Althea: Well, where is it?

#2 Eagle 67: It will appear when the money does

#2 (smiling) Althea: Of course. You can trust me

#2 The man goes up a fire escape and Althea follows


Scene 3

#3 Back to the Crescent

#3 Luna: You want me to do THAT?

#3 Norah: Yes. Take my offer and you will never have to worry about money again

#3 Luna stands up

#3 Luna: How am I supposed to get people to join the Ambi? I barely know a thing about this place

#3 (standing at the edge or the rail) Luna: Your theories are confusing, your people are scary, and your Assemblies are…

#3 Luna: Painful

#3 Norah stands up

#3 Norah: Give it time. You feel this way because you are new

#3 Luna: I feel this way because it’s true!

#3 Norah: Alright. Come with me. We’re going on a little trip

#3 Luna watches Norah go

#3 Luna and Norah go towards a 4×4 car outside.



Scene 4

#4 Althea is going into her house. It’s very stylish

#4 She sits at the counter looking at a bottle

#4 A man walks in (only show legs) ???: Looking good, Althea

#4 Althea: What are you doing here, Malaki?

#4 Malaki: House keys, remember?

#4 Althea is trying to hide the bottle

#4 Malaki: Don’t bother trying to hide that. I know you’re up to something

#4 Malaki comes closer while Althea turns her back to him annoyed

#4 Malaki: Don’t do anything stupid

#4 Althea: I’m not a fool. I can operate without you

#4 Malaki: Oh! So the golden girl of the Ambi has a backbone after all?

#4 Althea: Don’t forget that I’m the one who got you in, Messenger boy

#4 Malaki: Fair enough. So what are you gonna do with this stuff?

#4 Althea: Go away, Malaki

#4 Malaki: You know that I’ll find out eventually. You might as well tell me now

#4 Althea folds her arms

#4 Malaki: You’re gonna need an ally

#4 Althea: Don’t be silly, Messenger. You know there are no allies in the Ambi

#4 Althea: So why don’t you toddle off to your Melina

#4 Malaki frowns and leaves.

#4 Althea smiles as he goes


Scene 5

#5 The inner city

#5 They arrive at an apartment (the one where Malaki killed someone)

5 Luna and Norah enter the room.

#5 Norah: We have arrived

#5 A few pictures of the apartment. It’s fully renovated

#5 Luna and Norah end up in the bedroom

#5 Norah: The Ambi owns this apartment. If you join us, it can be yours

#5 (looking around) Luna: If I get new Ambi members, right?

#5 Norah: Yes. What are your feelings now?

#5 Luna: I’m not sure

#5 Norah: Luna, I know that all this is a lot for you to take in but know this:

#5 Norah: I am not your jailer, Luna. I want to help you

#5 Luna: Then let me live my life

#5 Norah: Swindling petty cash out of desperate fools? Is that a life?

#5 Luna looks away

#5 Norah: I am giving you the keys to everything you could ever want.

#5 Norah: If you take my offer, you can live here. You will have both privacy and freedom.

#5 Luna: I won’t have to stay in here all day?

#5 Norah: No, dear. You can’t recruit members from here

5 Luna smiles as she looks around

#5 Luna: I think…

#5 Luna: I think I can do it

#5 Norah: Good. Then you’ll start as soon as possible


Scene 6

#6 Althea arrives at the apartment

#6 Norah: Great! You’re here

#6 Norah: Althea will help you get settled in. Whatever you need, just ask her, Luna

#6 Norah leaves them.

#6 Luna looks unhappy.

#6 Althea: I guess we better get you in some better clothes

#6 Luna: Yeah…

#6 Luna: Can I ask you something?

#6 Althea: Go ahead. We’ve got time

#6 Luna: You encouraged me to go with Malaki that day. Did you know what he was planning?

#6 Althea: Yes. He wanted to show you the Hanley’s estate. I convinced you to go with him

#6 Luna: The Hanley’s? What estate?

#6 Luna turns away

#6 Althea: You mean you never met the Hanley family?

#6 Althea: Luna, did something happen that night?

#6 Luna: No. Forget I asked about anything

#6 Althea: Absolutely not! You’ve been jumpy around Malaki since that night

#6 Althea: We’re not going anywhere until you tell me what happened

#6 Luna: That woman… She’s gone

#6 Althea: You mean Melina? She’s around. I saw her lurking around yesterday

#6 Luna: She’s alive?!

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