Ambivalence Episode 5: Trampled Roses | Unique Sims 4 Story

A new Ambi member declares vengeance on an old member, a leader becomes the unfortunate target of an underling, and an old friend makes a shocking arrival. … Continue readingAmbivalence Episode 5: Trampled Roses | Unique Sims 4 Story

Ambivalence Episode 5: Trampled Roses | Unique Sims 4 Story

About this episode

A new Ambi member declares vengeance on an old member, a leader becomes the unfortunate target of an underling, and an old friend makes a shocking arrival.

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#X (On the phone) Melina: How’s the weather over there?

#X Greg: There’s gonna be a heat wave today

#X Santiago running

#X Luna: Yes. Why are you so determined to keep me here?

#X (smiling) Norah: Because I… you remind me of myself

#X Althea: Enough to incapacitate him

#X Eagle 67: I’ll give you one bottle

#X Althea hiding bottle

#X Malaki: Don’t bother trying to hide that. I know you’re up to something

#X Althea: So why don’t you toddle off to your Melina

#X Norah: The Ambi owns this apartment. If you join us, it can be yours

#X Luna: I think I can do it

#X Althea: You mean Melina? She’s around. I saw her lurking around yesterday

#X Luna: She’s alive?!

Opening Scene – Luna’s monologue

#0 Luna’s new apartment, then to Luna asleep

#0 Luna lying in bed, new pajamas, looks happy

Luna: Yesterday I told Althea about Malaki

#0 Luna getting out of bed

Luna: How he manipulated me into staying

#0 Luna using sink. There are scissors and hair products. Hide hair

Luna: Althea wasn’t surprised. All she said to me was…

#0 Althea talking to Luna the previous day

Althea: I’m sorry this happened to you but learn this well: There are no allies in the Ambi

#0 Luna bathing

Luna: In other words, it’s everyone for themselves

#0 Luna in a bath towel, looking through closet

Luna: I know that I can leave but there is more to gain by staying

#0 Luna in living room (upper body only)

Luna: All that power and influence that Malaki holds…

#0 Luna standing in living room with evil smirk (full body)

Luna: I will snatch it from his unworthy hands!

Theme Opening

Scene 1

#1 Althea’s house

#1 Althea is in the kitchen making coffee. She is in her morning gown and bedroom slippers

#1 Malaki arrives (normal everyday clothes)

#1 Malaki: What’s with the stress eating so early in the morning?

#1 Althea: Why did you blackmail Luna? That wasn’t part of the plan!

#1 Malaki: Obviously for the fun of it. And because Norah wanted her to stay

#1 Althea: That is no excuse for what you did. What if she tries to get revenge?

#1 Malaki: That little con artist? I’m not scared of her

#1 Althea: You’re acting so irrational lately

#1 Malaki walks past, chuckling

#1 Althea: And I’m sick of you plotting and scheming with Melina

#1 Malaki: What about you? You meet my dealers all on your own

#1 Malaki: What if something had happened to you?

#1 Althea: I’m not a child anymore, Malaki

#1 Malaki: What I mean is we should be working together, not against each other

#1 Malaki: Can we put our issues aside and do this together?

#1 Althea: Hmm… Fine.

#1 Malaki: Really? Just like that? Why do I feel like there’s a condition?

#1 Althea: Yes, there is. So listen up.

#1 Unheard conversation

#1 Malaki looks uncomfortable

Scene 2

#2 The Crescent

#2 Norah is in the office, typing an email on the computer

#2 Norah: Excellent… Phase one is finally complete

#2 Luna comes in. She sits down before Norah notices her

#2 Luna: Good morning

#2 Norah: Morning, Luna. I hope that your new home has put you in good spirits

#2 Luna: Well, the alone time sure helped me put things in perspective

#2 Norah: I sent the photo and details of your first recruit on your new phone

#2 Luna: Ah, yes. I received everything

#2 Luna: Why don’t you send me the whole list?

#2 Norah: I will only send you one contact at a time. You must give each new member your best

#2 Norah: Any questions before you go?

#2 Luna: Actually, I’ve been thinking about something you said yesterday

#2 Luna: You told me that your husband inherited the Ambi. Why aren’t there lots of members?

#2 Norah: Well, Luna, the society of the past were much stricter, and so were the Ambi

#2 (Main hall of the Crescent, Zara) Norah: Nowadays, it’s different. People want all of the benefits and none of the commitment

#2 Luna: Well maybe the commitment would be stronger if you didn’t try to force it

#2 Luna: I’m so sorry. That was harsh

#2 Norah: No, you are right. Perhaps our recent actions have been a bit… desperate

#2 (Optimistic, with a smile) Luna: I will be back with people who really want to be here and there will no more desperate actions, okay?

#2 Luna leaves

#2 Norah: Goodness knows you’re going to need a lot of luck

Scene 3

#3 At the apartment where Melina lives

#3 There is a knock on the door

#3 Melina: Malaki’s early today

##3 Melina opens the door and is shocked and nervous to see Althea

#3 Melina: You?! What are you doing here? How did you even find me?

#3 Althea: Are you gonna let me in or should I rather cause a scene out here?

#3 Melina steps aside nervously and let’s Althea walk in

#3 Althea: It was stupid of you to stay in town after your little performance

#3 Melina: So what brings you here? Have you come to silence me like the others?

#3 Althea: Oh, you silly little thing! Malaki told me your address, actually

#3 Melina: Why would he do that?

#3 Althea: Because I wanted to personally deliver this message to you

#3 Althea: Your dealings with Malaki are over. From now on, it’s strictly business and you answer to me

#3 Althea: No more texting, no more sleazy selfies, and no more visits

##3 (Laughing) Melina: Really? Because I know he will be back here right after you leave

#3 Althea: If you don’t believe me then phone him right now

#3 We see Malaki who is in the parking lot of the Crescent by his car

#3 Melina: So this Ambi trash claims that she is the boss now

#3 (on the phone with Melina) Malaki: Everything Althea may have said … is true

#3 Malaki: I have a class to teach. Goodbye, Melina

#3 (As he looks at his phone) Malaki: (I wish it didn’t have to be this way)

#3 Back to Melina. Malaki has hung up and she’s about to cry

#3 Althea is fiendishly grinning

#3 Althea: I’m assuming he gave you the summary. Allow me to elaborate

#3 (before leaving) Althea: You are nothing but a disposable tool

##3 After Althea is gone, Melina sits on the ground crying

#3 Melina: I hate them. I HATE THEM ALL!

Scene 4

#4 Luna arrives at a diner

#4 Luna: A diner? What if she isn’t here?

#4 Luna walks in and sees that it’s empty

#4 There is a woman in an orange uniform at the till

#4 Luna takes a seat at the counter

#4 Ratna: Welcome to Burgers ‘n Bubbles. I’m Ratna and I’ll be your waitress, cook, and temporary manager today

#4 (Laughing) Luna: Oh my word! Just wow …

#4 Ratna: Trust me, the workload is nothing compared to my two toddlers at home

#4 Luna: It must be hard for you handling everything here alone

#4 (Another look at the empty diner) Ratna: It’s not so hard. As you can see, there aren’t many people to attend to.

#4 Ratna: So feel free to sit on two chairs if you want!

#4 Luna just smiles

#4 Ratna: Would you like to order anything to eat?

#4 Luna: Yes please. Do you have any vegetarian options?

Scene 5

#5 At the Crescent in the kitchen

##5 Althea is making tea. The red bottle is next to her, along with her handbag

#5 Rey comes in

#5 Althea: Ambi Rey, welcome. I’ve made your favorite tea

#5 Rey: Thank you, Ambi Althea

Rey sits. Althea has set down the tea on the table. Ambi books are there

#5 Rey: I see that you have a renewed interest in Our Ways

#5 Althea: I feel that the new generation of Ambi is out of touch with the teachings

#5 Althea: So I’ve been studying your father’s writings. I was hoping that you could help me understand them better

#5 Rey: Of course, Ambi Althea!

#5 Rey drinks the tea that Althea has spiked

#5 Rey: I don’t mind coming here every day as long as you make the tea exactly the same

##5 (Evil smile) Althea: That won’t be a problem at all

Scene 6

#6 The lecture hall in the Crescent (now with tables). Malaki is concluding a class. Norah is sitting there observing

#6 Malaki: And the philosophies of the Ambi are the work of two generations so learn them well

#6 Malaki: Next week Friday, we will have a quiz on this chapter. Whoever fails owes me lunch

#6 (laughter)

#6 Ambi Member: I don’t mind…

#6 Malaki: That’s it for today. I’ll see you all next week

#6 As they leave, Greg comes in wearing a white Ambi shirt

#6 (Excited) Norah: Gregalia! What a pleasant surprise

#6 Norah and Greg embrace

#6 Norah: Come see me in the office later on. I want to hear all about your vacation

#6 Greg: Will do!

#6 Norah leaves

#6 Malaki: Greg … I wasn’t expecting you back so soon

#6 As soon as Norah is gone, Greg points a gun at Malaki

#6 Greg: I had other plans in mind


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