Ambivalence Episode 6: The Real Plan
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Ambivalence Episode 6: The Real Plan

Their true colors revealed in Ambivalence episode 6: The Real Plan.

It wasn’t too hard to figure out that something is amiss with this strange group of people called the Ambi. An ally turns into a target, while elsewhere an innocent woman gets lured into the tempting but dangerous world of the Ambi.




0 Luna in living room (upper body only)

Luna: All that power and influence that Malaki holds…

0 Luna standing in living room with evil smirk (full body)

Luna: I will snatch it from his unworthy hands!

0 Malaki: Can we put our issues aside and do this together?

0 Althea: Hmm… Fine.

0 Malaki: Really? Just like that? Why do I feel like there’s a condition?

0 (Optimistic, with a smile) Luna: I will be back with people who really want to be here and there will no more desperate actions, okay?

0 (before leaving) Althea: You are nothing but a disposable tool

0 Melina: I HATE THEM ALL!

0 Luna: A diner? What if she isn’t here?

0 Ratna: Welcome to Burgers ‘n Bubbles. I’m Ratna and I’ll be your waitress, cook, and temporary manager today

0 Althea is making tea. The red bottle is next to her, along with her handbag

0 Rey drinks the tea that Althea has spiked

0 Malaki: Greg … I wasn’t expecting you back so soon

0 Greg: I had other plans in mind

Opening Scene

0 Greg points a gun at Malaki

0 Malaki: What the hell, Greg?

0 Greg: Just messing with you. I wouldn’t do it here.

0 Greg: Melina paid me to put a bullet in your heart

0 Malaki: She did that? And what did you say to her?

0 Greg: I agreed and took the money but on my way here, I remembered that she gets her funds from you.

0 Malaki: (laughs)

0 Malaki: Other than Althea, you’ll always be my favorite Ambi

0 Greg: Ha! I’m flattered

0 Malaki: But on a serious note though, I need to see Melina

Theme Opening

Scene 1

1 Back to the diner. Luna has been served her food

1 Luna: This is incredible!

1 Ratna: Thank you. I’m so glad you like it. I came up with the recipe

1 Luna: This is way better than that bistro up the hill

1 Ratna: You really think so?

1 Luna: I know so. A talent like yours shouldn’t be hidden in this wasteland of a diner

1 Ratna: You’re very kind. But what can I do? It’s the only job I could get after migrating

1 Luna: What if I told you that…

1 Luna: I know another way to the top?

Scene 2

2 In the dining hall of the Crescent

2 Althea: That is a wonderful story. Will you share it at the next assembly?

2 Rey: I think I should. It’s one of my favorite stories from the old Ambi days

2 Rey: Oh! It’s almost two. Norah needed me to sign something

2 Rey: Will you make me another cup when I return? I won’t be gone long

2 Althea: Yes, of course

2 Rey leaves

2 Althea goes back to the kitchen

2 She looks at her bag

2 Althea: The guy said one teaspoon a day

2 Althea: I’m sure little more won’t hurt him. He seemed okay

2 Althea makes the coffee

Scene 3

3 Melina’s apartment

3 She’s dressed in baggy clothes and packing up. Most of her stuff is in boxes

3 There is a knock on the door

3 Melina: I don’t have time for visitors

3 She opens and sees Malaki

3 Melina: I told you not to come here! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!

3 Malaki: Melina, please just hear me out

3 Melina: There is nothing you can say that will fix this

3 Malaki: Althea forced me to say those things!

3 Melina: How?

3 (Convo in Althea’s house) Malaki: She said she could get me more control in the Ambi, but only if I agreed to cut you off completely

3 Malaki: I said yes but I was planning to keep seeing you in secret

3 Melina: That’s nonsense. You chose the Ambi over me and now I’m just supposed to be your dirty little secret?

3 (goes back to packing) Melina: Not a chance. I’m leaving. I want nothing to do with you and your Ambi friends

3 Malaki: I’ll go with you. Wherever you’re going, I’ll—

3 Melina: You’re just saying that. But you actually don’t want to leave

3 Melina: Because we both know what Althea really is to you

Scene 4

4 Luna brings Ratna to the Ambi

4 Luna: We’re here. Shall we go in?

4 Ratna: Oh, no thanks. I’m not very religious.

4 Luna: No, it’s not that kind of place. You’ll understand if you go in

4 Luna takes Ratna upstairs to the office. Norah and Greg are there seated

4 Luna: Ladies, this is Ratna, a cook, temp manager and waitress and at Burgers ‘n Bubbles

4 Luna: Her food is better than that bistro up the hill

4 Greg: I happen to know the owners. You should meet them

4 Ratna: Really? That would be amazing

4 Norah: Let’s give them the room

4 Norah and Luna leave the office but Luna stands outside not going anywhere

4 Norah: You have done such a good job but you don’t seem pleased

4 Luna: It’s just … Something doesn’t seem right.

4 Luna: In the details I got about Ratna, it was required that I mentioned that bistro and now, conveniently, Greg knows the owners

4 Luna: How did you get so much info about Ratna?

4 Norah: I’m surprised that you are only asking this now

4 Norah: Luna, the Ambi is a silent force

4 (Looking out the window) Norah: We control this town and the people in it. We know the who, what, where, and why of things

4 Norah: How we maintain that control is none of your business

4 Norah walks away leaving Luna more tense than she already was

Scene 5

5 The Kitchen

5 Althea and Rey are having tea again

5 Rey: You see, the whole philosophy is simply a better way to use our lives and …

5 (Bored) Althea: Ugh! It didn’t work. Now I actually have to listen to this crap

5 Althea: I don’t give a damn about Ambi ways. That’s not what I came here for

5 Rey stands up suddenly.

5 Althea: Is something wrong?

5 Rey: It’s just a little pain … I’ll be right back

5 Rey walks towards the door but doesn’t reach it. He collapses

5 Althea: Finally! It worked!

5 (Goes towards him) Althea: Calm yourself, Althea. It’s time for the next bit of the plan

5 Althea: Ambi Rey?! Please, wake up! Somebody help!

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