Cash Legacy Family Line

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This page will be updated whenever there is a change in the family tree.

Generation 1

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Haven Cash – Founder

Musical Genius, Loner, Music Lover, Ambitious

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Don Lothario (divorced)

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Zachery Bowler – boyfriend

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1. Adrian Cash

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2. Ben Cash

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Ben’s Girlfriend: Mallory Land

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Ben’s Children: Nick Land

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3. Catherine Cash

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Catherine’s Boyfriend: Tyler Wiles

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4. Dalia Cash (with BF Zachery)

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Dalia’s Husband: Mikel Roe

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Generation 2

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Adrian Cash – Heir

Nerd Brain, Erratic, Perfectionist, Family Oriented

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Kristine Land – Spouse

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1. Eliza Cash

2. Francis Cash

3. Gemma Cash

Generation 3

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