Ch 2.2: Bittersweet is the Default Flavor

Previously on Cash Legacy…

An unlikely pair is formed. Will the families approve?

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Renovations get started on the Cash house.

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And it’s the end for Amira. Who’s next?

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Chapter 2.2: Bittersweet is the Default Flavor

His passing was a shock to everyone. The previous day, he was perfectly fine and the next, he was gone. Zachery didn’t get a glimpse of the new house.

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His sudden passing was apparently due to a heart attack, as was Amira’s. Adrian was at work and Dalia was at school when it happened so it was up to Haven to deliver the bad news. She knew that Adrian would be able to handle it but Dalia … She was still so young. Her birthday was only weeks away.

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She felt it was best to tell Adrian about it over the phone. Though distraught, he kept his emotions to himself throughout the phone call. He decided that he would tell Dalia himself, knowing how difficult it would be for his mother.

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Telling Dalia about her father’s passing was one of the most difficult things he ever had to do. He knew how it felt to lose a parent at a young age and seeing his little sister go through the same thing was heartbreaking.

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Rain threw a birthday party during that time, oblivious to the tragedy that had happened. Of course, she wanted Adrian to be there but he told her he couldn’t because his family needed him. She didn’t believe him and was very angry, accusing Kristine of him not hanging out with her anymore.

A private funeral was held for Zachery but the memorial was public. For some reason, Catherine was only at the public memorial, which made Haven very angry. A private burial area was set aside for the Cash family because Haven wanted to be buried beside him one day.

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Less than two weeks after the funeral, Adrian was informed that the renovations were complete.

Moving into the new house was bittersweet. They were really excited about all the new changes – the second floor, the spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, the garden that stretched around the house, and the beach sand that spanned around the pool area. Even with all their furniture and some additional new ones, there were still empty rooms. Finally, the house was fit for the celebrity that Haven was.

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Looking at their new house from across the street, Haven commented, “It’s a beautiful home. My only wish is that … that Zachery could have been here.”

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Adrian thought about what Zachery would have said and replied, “If you think about it, he is here in some way. Don’t you see him when you look at Dalia?”

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Touched by his words, she simply hung her head in silence because it was true. That vibrant spirit that Dalia had could have only come from Zachery.

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For the first few days, Haven didn’t really know what to do all day since she was alone while Adrian and Dalia were out. Sometimes she would reminisce her stage days, strumming on her guitar, or she would do some gardening and later in the day, go shopping or watch a movie with her old friend Gabrielle.

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Gabrielle was more alone than Haven was because her triplets were all grown up and living elsewhere and Mitchell, unfortunately, passed away a year ago.

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As for Dalia, how she coped was a mystery to everyone. She kept busy with extra credit school work and when she wasn’t doing that, she was playing with Haven in the backyard.