Chapter 1.10: Supposedly Better Halves

Catherine phoned Christa and asked, “Are you sure about this? Because last time, it wasn’t what it looked like.

“If you don’t believe me, meet me after school. Later.” Christa replied before hanging up.

The last thing Catherine wanted was to bring up a wrong assumption about Mallory just when things with Ben were peaceful again. She needed to be certain… … Continue readingChapter 1.10: Supposedly Better Halves

Chapter 1.10: Supposedly Better Halves

Previously on Cash Legacy …

The triplets become teens …

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Tempers flare between Catherine and Mallory …

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Ben gets up to mischief …

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… And Catherine receives some interesting info on Mallory.

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Chapter 1.10: Supposedly Better Halves

Catherine phoned Christa and asked, “Are you sure about this? Because last time, it wasn’t what it looked like.”

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“If you don’t believe me, meet me after school. Later.” Christa replied before hanging up.

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The last thing Catherine wanted was to bring up a wrong assumption about Mallory just when things with Ben were peaceful again. She needed to be certain.

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Meanwhile, Ben was at the Goth house for Mallory’s birthday party.

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He saw a woman he thought was Amira but when he took a closer look, he wasn’t sure if it was her so he brushed off the thought.

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Besides, he hadn’t really thought of what he would do if he ever saw Amira again.

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Also at the Goth house was Adrian. For some reason, Ben thought he could drag Adrian and hook him up with Mallory’s sister but Adrian wasn’t interested in her. She was like Mallory but more mature and fussier.

Certainly not his type.

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He eventually called for a ride and left Ben at the party.

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Lately, Adrian had been keeping to himself a lot, reading his strange books and meeting up with even stranger people at school.

He was exhausted.

Perhaps it had something to do with the pile of books and files around his computer and his mysterious new friends.

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There was one person that he regularly chatted to online who went by the name “301XaVier”. They had never met but made plans to do so at a park.

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Catherine was supposed to meet Christa at the same park. Catherine didn’t go, though. Things were so good between her and Ben and she didn’t want to ruin it.

So instead of going to meet Christa, she spoke to Ben directly.

“Do you know this guy?” Catherine asked Ben, showing him a picture of a boy from their school.

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Ben looked at the picture carefully and replied, “Yes, I know him. That’s Brody.”

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“He hangs around Mallory a lot, you know.” Catherine cautiously added.

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Ben was quiet for a moment, definitely caught off guard.

“Of course he hangs around Mallory a lot. He lives next door to her.” Ben eventually answered.

Catherine wanted to push for more answers but the look on his face let her know it was enough.

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After their conversation, Ben marched straight to Adrian’s room.

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“Adrian, I need your help on something.” Ben impatiently said as he stood outside the locked door of his brother’s bedroom. Adrian didn’t even reply. He was taking a nap before going to the park to meet 301XaVier.

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Ben wanted Adrian to find out about the guy Mallory was hanging out with. But he should have realized that going to his brother’s room was pointless.

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Adrian didn’t like having visitors because he was afraid of things in his room being put out of place. Even if there was a full cup of coffee at the edge of the desk, it should be left as it is otherwise it would disrupt his thought process.

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Eventually Adrian got out of bed because he was hungry. Hungry and nervous, actually. He had never gone out to meet a total stranger before.

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“Come on, just calm down. This is the only way to get in.” Adrian said to himself.

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Ben approached him again when he saw him in the living room.

“I heard you calling me earlier. What was that about?” Adrian asked. Ben changed his mind and waved it off as “nothing important” and changed the topic.

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If Mallory and Brody were up to something, he didn’t want to know.

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After a quick meal and a shower, Adrian was on his way to the park. His mystery friend said to meet by the monkey bars but when Adrian arrived, there was only a girl from his school hanging around there. Was it her?

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There was only one way to find out. Nervously, he approached her.

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“301XaVier?” he shyly asked.

She smiled and replied, “Yes, that’s me. So you must be 4EvaGre3n.”

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“Oh, whew! I thought you—”

“Were a guy?”

“No,” He chuckled, “I thought you changed your mind about meeting me.”

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She introduced herself as Rain, the product of hippy parents.

Adrian was a little shy around her. She was quite pretty with her red hair in a long braid and sparkly brown eyes and so although they were in the same school, Adrian never got the courage to talk to her.

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They stayed out chatting till late. Adrian offered to walk her home, which she gladly agreed to.

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Rain and Adrian had a lot in common, the most important thing being that they both always dreamed of creating their own video game. Rain was quite tech savvy but her most impressive skills were drawing and graphic design. In fact, most of her t-shirts and dresses were her own designs.

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With Adrian’s nerd brain and Rain’s creativity, they quickly realized that they would make a great team.

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They would go on to spend the next months working on their first game.

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When Adrian got home, he found everyone gathered in the living room, which was a rare sight because of their crazy schedules.

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“Oh, you’re finally back.” Haven said to Adrian. “Now that everyone’s here, I can share the news.”

“What news?” Catherine asked while scrapping a bowl for the last crumb of whatever it is she was eating.

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“Well …” Haven began shyly, “You’re having another sibling.”

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“What? Really? That’s great, mom!” Adrian responded cheerfully. Catherine was so excited that she nearly jumped off her seat as she got up to hug Haven.

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Ben wasn’t happy.

Although decades had gone by, he never fully accepted Zachery.

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Ben didn’t want to spoil the moment for the rest of them so he briefly congratulated Haven and went away.

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Days after Haven’s announcement, the triplets went into workaholic mode. The three of them seemed to have the idea that life would be chaotic after the baby’s arrival, a result of the stories Haven and Zach told them about when they were little.

Adrian poured his heart and soul into his project with Rain, Ben got serious about boxing, and Catherine challenged herself to paint more classic pieces.

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This time, it was outgoing Catherine who was keeping to herself.

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The school was having a dance and everyone had a date. Normally, Catherine wouldn’t care about such things but this time she did.

The issue wasn’t that she didn’t have a date but rather who her date was.

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