Chapter 1.12: 18 and Life – Cash Legacy

Previously on Cash Legacy …

The night of the dance finally arrives.

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At the dance, Ben and Brody have a fight over Mallory.

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Adrian tries to make a move on Rain but faces rejection.

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Ben breaks up with Mallory.

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Though heartbroken, Ben finds happiness in their new sibling Dalia.

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And Haven finds out about Catherine’s boyfriend. She forbids her from seeing him again…

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But Catherine vows to have her way.

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Chapter 1.12: 18 and Life

This is the last chapter in Generation 1

With exam time underway, that left Haven with only one child that wasn’t in constant agony.

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Graduation was going to take place in the same week as the triplets’ birthday and so the pressure was on for everyone.

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It seemed liked Adrian was the only one of the teens who was actually focused on school. Catherine was still pretty upset about the way Haven spoke to Tyler. He wasn’t too bothered by it and didn’t mind seeing her in secret.

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Ben was still depressed about Mallory. He wasn’t healing at all.

One evening, he finally opened up about it to Zachery, of all people.

While out on the front lawn that evening, Zachery said to him, “It’s no surprise that you’re feeling this way. You’re going to the same places every day, doing the same things, and seeing the same people. What you need is a change of scenery.”

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“Are you suggesting that I go to that college?” Ben asked. He got a scholarship for the Glazier Sports Academy, two hours from Moodwayers. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to go there or stay and try and patch things with Mallory.

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“Ben, this is just what you need. It’s a great opportunity. You’ll get to meet new people, explore a new place – this is a chance to start the rest of your life with positivity.”

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Haven, who had just come home from a gig, overheard them talking and joined the conversation, “Zach is right – this is just what you need. Ben, I know that it’s not easy letting someone go but this is for the best.” Haven said. “We’re here for you, all of us.”

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“Thanks guys.” Ben replied with a warm smile on his face. Coming from Haven, it gave him certainty.

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After that conversation, he was motivated and put in extra effort into his school performance.

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Soon, he was doing almost as well as Adrian. The two brothers were spending a lot more time together, since Ben confirmed that he would be going to that college in Glazier.

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As for Catherine, he didn’t get to see much of her, which was quite ironic since she always complained about not seeing him when he was with Mallory.

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No one really knew what her plans were after graduation. They were a secret, just like the bags in her room that were already packed. Perhaps Tyler knew her plans.

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Finally, the last day of school came, along with the triplets’ birthday. Their last few hours of school went by painfully slow.

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After much staring at the clock, the last school day was through. The triplets headed home for a quick change of clothes before going to their party in the VIP area of a lounge that Haven regularly performed at.

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Usually, they would have a big bash for these kinds of life events but after all the exam stress all they wanted was some peace. Besides, they were all very emotional about Ben going away. The triplets had never been apart before.

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