Chapter 1.7: The Only Way is Forward – Cash Legacy

Haven finished up in the garden, feeling at peace with herself. Afterwards, she went inside to check on the kids and make sure they had all gone to bed. There, she found Adrian in the living room dancing to no music… … Continue readingChapter 1.7: The Only Way is Forward – Cash Legacy

Chapter 1.7: The Only Way is Forward - Cash Legacy

Previously on Cash Legacy…

Don and Haven get divorced.

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The new babysitter Zachery becomes like family to Haven and the kids. He moves in, bringing in a lot of money to expand the house.

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The triplets age up.

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Ben’s question about Haven’s wedding ring leaves her questioning herself.

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Chapter 1.7: The Only Way is Forward

Haven finished up in the garden, feeling at peace with herself. Afterwards, she went inside to check on the kids and make sure they had all gone to bed. There, she found Adrian in the living room dancing to no music.

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“What are you doing?” She asked. “You’re supposed to be in bed.”

“I have an idea!” He replied, showing Haven an empty hand.

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“So you came to the living room?”

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Like Ben and Catherine said, a little insane.

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Ben and Catherine had long dosed off to sleep. They both had a habit of sucking their thumbs whenever they were enjoying their sleep.

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In the morning when it was time for school, Catherine would get up first so that she could wake up everyone else and be the first to say good morning. Ben personally preferred her over an annoying alarm clock.

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Afterwards, she would have a breakfast of chocolate cake and lemonade with Zachery, provided Haven was still in bed.

One morning at breakfast, Zach asked her how she would feel about Don visiting more often. Haven had asked him to, since he and Catherine were pretty close.

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“It doesn’t matter to me. Maybe Ben will like it. Besides, I have you. I don’t need him.” Catherine confidently replied.

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“But Cathy, he’s your father. It’s important for you to spend time with him.” Zach responded cautiously.

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He knew that Catherine wanted him to replace Don but as much as he would have liked to take Don’s place, he believed that he could never.

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It seemed as though Catherine had developed some sort of contempt towards her father. Whenever someone mentioned Don, she would either change the topic to Zach or suddenly remember that she had a drawing to finish.

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As for Ben, he was clinging onto the hope that Haven would get Don to visit them, without Amira of course. In the meantime, he was busy being “King of the Monkey Bars” at school.

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But no one could really blame Catherine for being so attached to Zach. He was very parent-like.

Zach fetched them from school, helped them with homework, and read them stories while Ben acted out the characters. He could never sit still through a story.

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The moment finally arrived when Don came around to visit just before the kids’ bedtime. This time around he actually tried to be nice to Zach. After seeing how big the house had become, Don thought he might be able to befriend Zachery and score some cash out of him.

Of course, it didn’t work. Zach could never be friends with him, knowing what he put Haven through.

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Ben was most excited to see Don. He was even happier to see that Amira wasn’t with him. The last thing he wanted was to be scolded by that mean woman.

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Catherine came out of her bedroom moments later to yell at Don and tell him to go away because he wasn’t welcomed there.

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Don didn’t get to respond to that because they were interrupted by Adrian screaming in terror.

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