Chapter 1.8: High Life - Cash Legacy
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Chapter 1.8: High Life – Cash Legacy

Previously on Cash Legacy…

Adrian’s unusual behavior gets Haven very worried about him…

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Haven finally finds the courage to move on…

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At the Annual Music Awards, Haven wins Best Newcomer of the Year…

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Zachery makes a brave move on Haven…

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And Ben tries but fails to bring Don and Haven back together.

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Chapter 1.8: High Life

“Welcome back to ZenTV. I’m your host Clare Doe and today I have a very special guest: This year’s Best Newcomer, Haven Cash!” The presenter announced.

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Haven had already done several interviews before this one, talking about herself, her music, and her personal life. This interview was just like the others, except in this one she named Zachery as the inspiration behind one of her most popular songs.

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Haven concluded the ZenTV interview with a solo performance of her latest single, Give Me Light.

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When Haven wasn’t out there pushing through her busy schedule of public appearances, she was spending time with her family at Gabrielle’s house.

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Just like Haven, Gabrielle had triplets – three identical girls, Whitney, Stacy and Rebecca.

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Haven’s triplets were quite fond of Gabrielle’s triplets and they wanted to visit them every weekend.

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Haven didn’t mind taking the family over to Gabrielle’s house every weekend. She wanted to give Gabrielle all the help she possibly needed, for being the good friend that she was when Haven needed one.

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Haven would have to leave early, though. She had a strict schedule with her new personal trainer. She desperately wanted to get back the body she had before having the triplets.

It wasn’t easy and sometimes she just wanted to quit but what kept her going was the fear of being scrutinized by the gossip magazines about her weight.

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Occasionally Don would turn up at the gym where she regularly worked out which was silly because there was no way he could afford it.

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She kept her distance from him, being careful to avoid whatever drama he was probably planning to start. She was better off without him.

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It was hard for Haven to believe how wonderful her life was. The kids seemed happy and things were going great with Zachery.

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There was one issue though: Ben and his grades. He was getting lazy when it came to doing homework so Catherine and Adrian had to help him.

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“Come on, Ben. It’s easy!” Adrian encouraged him as the three of them gathered at the dining table. Adrian and Catherine had already finished their homework an hour ago so it was only Ben with a book in front of him.

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Ben scoffed, “Easy for you to say. You’re like a genius at this. Why can’t I just copy your homework?”

“If we let you just copy, you won’t learn anything.” Catherine replied.

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Ben closed the book, got up and left.

Somehow he managed to score a B as his average. Haven was still proud of him though because despite his grades, he excelled in sports like Haven excelled in music.

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The kids didn’t realize how famous their mom was because seeing her on TV was a common occurrence.

It wasn’t until Haven’s birthday party that the kids finally realized that they were celebrity kids. She rented out a poolside club for her birthday party and invited some close friends and other celebrities.

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It was a grand party that would be hard to surpass for years. Haven mostly hung around with Zach and Mitchell through the party. Gabrielle had her hands full with her triplets, Adrian and Catherine were out swimming, and Ben was too busy talking to his new friend Mallory, an adorable little girl with long blonde hair and brown eyes.

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She and Ben were close but her and Catherine – they couldn’t stand each other. Mallory had a way of being snobbish without even trying and Catherine got easily offended.

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The party ended late in the night. Everyone had a good time and they had plenty of pictures to share that would make others who missed out jealous.

When Haven got home, she found that she had 16 missed calls from Don. She thought that he was just jealous about not being invited so she switched off her phone and went to bed.

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The next morning, Haven was reading the daily newsfeed when she saw a story about a guy who got burnt to death in his home by his girlfriend who was apparently on the run.

There was a picture of the girlfriend and Haven couldn’t believe who it was: Amira.

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Haven rushed over to Don’s house, fearing the worst. She arrived and found the remains of what was once a house.

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She shuddered at the thought of what happened.

It was believed that Don was knocked unconscious with a hard object and by the time he woke up, there was no escape from the fire.

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Haven couldn’t help but blame herself, thinking if only she had answered his phone call, he might still be alive.

She spent the whole day at a park near the ruined house, feeling guilty and wondering how she was going to break the news to the kids.

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But then she remembered that Don cheated on her but then she felt guilty for thinking of that so soon after his death.

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Haven only went home when she was sure the kids had gone to bed.

Zachery found her in the kitchen absentmindedly stirring a pot of hot water. She told him what happened to Don and how it was “all her fault”.

“Zach, will you help me organize the funeral? It’s the least I can do.” She murmured.

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“It wasn’t your fault, Haven. Even if you answered his phone call and you went there, what would you have done? Amira would have hurt you too. And besides, with the way he treated you, I’m sorry but he doesn’t deserve a teardrop from you.” Zach expressed.

He was right. Haven realized that none of it was her fault. Don sought out Amira himself.

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Zach managed to crack a smile out of Haven. She hugged him and said, “Thank you, I needed to hear that.”

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They told the kids about Don’s passing each separately, leaving Ben last.

Adrian was pretty down and often had outbursts.

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Ben avoided everyone else by either sleeping in the bathtub or hanging out with Mallory long after curfew.

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Catherine pretended not to care but if you looked close enough, she seemed pretty down.

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And Zach couldn’t help but feel relieved that Don was finally out of Haven’s life for good but for everyone’s sake, he kept that to himself.

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The day of the funeral finally came. Even as Zach stood at Don’s grave, he still couldn’t help but feel relieved but for the sake of Haven and the kids, he tried not to look too happy.

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For the first time in years, Ben actually let himself cry in front of everyone. It was such a painful sight that even Catherine began to cry.

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After the funeral, everyone went straight home, except for Ben who needed to be alone.

He took a walk by the lake and later on stopped by Mallory’s house to hang out. She always had a mysterious way of making him smile.

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Gradually, life returned to normal in the Cash household. Catherine even picked up a new skill: Playing the violin.

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Haven was worried about Ben, though. He seemed a little distant, like he was avoiding everyone.

At breakfast one day, Haven and Zach tried to talk to him and find out what was going on. All they got from him were vague answers.

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They assumed Ben was still upset about what was happening to Mallory. Her parents moved to another country and left her with a family called the Goth.

She was terribly unhappy there so Ben asked Haven and Zach if Mallory could live with them. They agreed but Mallory’s parents refused.

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Despite the living arrangements, Mallory was always welcome in the Cash house and she became a frequent visitor, much to Catherine’s distaste.

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With the triplets’ birthday coming up, Haven was curious to see how her babies were turning out to be.

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