Chapter 2.1: Potential – Cash Legacy

Previously on Cash Legacy …

The triplets become adults.

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Ben and Catherine move out.

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Adrian and Rain end up working at the same company. They grow closer as friends, but nothing more.

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Age is finally catching up with Zachery.

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Haven entrusts Adrian with the land and the house.

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Chapter 2.1: Potential

He was never really into exercising but seeing how committed Zachery and Ben were to fitness, he decided to give it a go, starting with a trip to the gym before sunrise.

He was in the parking lot of the gym, about to go in, when a familiar face caught his eye.

“Kristine Land? Is that you?” Adrian called out to her.

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It was only when he walked up to her that he was sure. The toned arms, the blonde hair and those perfect emerald eyes – it was definitely Kristine, Mallory’s sister. It wasn’t hard to recognize him either even though his orange hair was slicked back in the center and cut short on the sides.

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“Adrian Cash? At a gym? I must be dreaming,” she teased, “I don’t know which is weirder – you being at a gym or that time your brother tried to hook us up at Mallory’s birthday party.”

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Adrian chuckled, “Come on, I’m not that hopeless.”

“Is that so? How about we head in the gym and prove it?” she suggested with a hint of flirtation in her voice.

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And so they did just that, starting with a race to the elevator. Deliberately, she let him lead and tire out himself so that she could speed up at the last moment and win the race.

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Afterwards, they did a bit of cardio and some strength training. For Kristine, it was easy. For Adrian, it was like trying to bathe an angry cat.

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She decided to end his torture by taking him to café that was next door to the gym, which was part of a mall. It was her favorite place to hang out and he started to like the place too. There was a certain kind of atmosphere to it that made one feel calm and uninhibited.

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A few innocent jokes could easily turn into flirting, as was the case with Kristine and Adrian. He was never really into her in high school because he always assumed that she was like her sister. But things change.

Kristine was a lot more mature than Mallory but at the same time, she was fun and lighthearted and Adrian liked that a lot. He didn’t have to pick his words carefully like he did with Rain or other women and that made it easy to be himself around her.

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It was very hard to end their conversation when Kristine realized that her work hour was approaching. She offered him a hug that lingered on a little longer than expected.

Adrian offered to walk her to her car but she declined, revealing that she would be remaining at the mall because it turned out she was a trainer at the gym.

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“We should hang out some time soon.” Kristine suggested. She wrote her phone number on a serviette and put it in his hand.

“Bye Adrian!” she said as she walked away.

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For a moment, Adrian was in a lulled state as he watched her go but then he remembered that she was the older sister of his brother’s ex-girlfriend.

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It only made him feel more uncomfortable when he happened to see Ben at an electronics store later that day. Trying to act as normal as possible, he greeted him and then searched the nearest isle for the thing he came to buy so that he could leave quickly.

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