Chapter 2.3: Relations – Cash Legacy

Previously on Cash Legacy…

The Cash family say goodbye to Zachery

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The house gets a major makeover

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Adrian’s relationship with Kristine leads to an argument with Ben

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Despite the naysayers, Adrian and Kristine tie the knot

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Chapter 2.3: Relations

Warning: The end of this chapter is NSFW

The Honeymoon

To be honest, Adrian wasn’t too sure about Sarla Sands for their honeymoon but Kristine insisted, saying that she once went on vacation there with her parents when she was 10. Adrian respected the sentimental value of the place and agreed to go there with her.

The newlyweds arrived at Sarla Sands less than an hour before midnight and checked into the Verde Hotel, where they would enjoy the remaining minutes of their wedding night.

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In the morning, the hotel’s top chef (who was a friend of Kristine’s late father) made them a scrumptious breakfast.

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Afterwards, they went for a romantic walk by a lake. The hotel was situated on very fertile land, a distance from the other sandy areas.

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But the couple was curious to see a pyramid that was featured on a Sarla Sands brochure. There was a lot of talk about that pyramid (by RLD!), especially since it had been renovated inside. The couple booked a bunch of activities which were unusual for pyramid so, they were curious to see if their activities would be available.

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So, after their walk, they headed to the location of the pyramid. The outside was very old and ethnic but the inside was like a modern theme park. There was even a gym, much to Kristine’s excitement, and a lounge on the second floor. They were one of the first people to arrive, which meant that they didn’t have to cue for anything.

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The couple took a painting class together, played some motion gaming, had nonalcoholic drinks at the lounge, and did some all-important sightseeing.

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Next, they took a trip to an art gallery and declared themselves “professional abstract artists” based on their achievements at the painting class.

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They concluded their evening with a lovely dinner at a restaurant.

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Back at home, Haven wasn’t doing too well. She couldn’t sleep and wasn’t eating well, so Adrian and Kristine came from their honeymoon a day early.

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When Adrian asked Dalia what was wrong with Haven, he found out that she was just sick with worry.

“Is that what you guys are worried about? You can’t be serious,” Adrian said to Dalia as he sat at the new dining table with his wife and little sister.

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It turned out that Ben asked Haven if he could move back home because he wasn’t coping alone where he was. The same week, Mallory asked if she could live with them because she was having some financial problems, despite the hefty inheritance she and her siblings got.

Kristine already began to spend her share of inheritance on a few upgrades to the kitchen and her new bedroom with Adrian.

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“What happened between those two anyway?” Dalia asked with frustration. When Ben and Mallory had their fallout, she was still a baby.

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“It’s a long story,” Kristine replied, “In summary, they were childhood friends, they dated in high school and things didn’t work out. Anyway, what do they think about living together?”

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Dalia shrugged, “I don’t know, actually. Mom said we mustn’t tell them until they get here. She thinks it will be easier to handle them that way. Mom didn’t want to upset Ben and she also didn’t want to say no to Mallory because she’s your sister.”