Chapter 2.4: Interruptions – Cash Legacy

Previously on Cash Legacy…

Adrian and Kristine go on their honeymoon

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Ben and Mallory end up living together

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The ex-lovers’ constant bickering causes Adrian to reveal Kristine’s pregnancy

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Ben tries to resolve his issues with Mallory but things take an unexpected turn

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Chapter 2.4: Interruptions

Kristine had heard all the stories but she never thought it would happen to her: the snacking, the violent waves of nausea, and the midday tiredness.

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All Adrian could do was comfort her through it all. Soon, Adrian would need her comfort as well.

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One morning, while everyone was scoffing down breakfast before work and school, something terrible happened. The one minute, Haven was fine. The next, she just froze, fell down and wasn’t moving.

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The whole household was in panic as they rushed her to the hospital. By the time they arrived, it was too late. Haven Cash was no more.

She was buried beside Zachery, just as she had wanted, and the whole town was in mourning with the family.

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Several artists paid tribute to her in their own unique ways.

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After the funeral, Adrian spent most of his days huddled under a blanket. What saddened him the most was that Haven didn’t get to meet her grandchild.

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Kristine tried her best to console him but sometimes he would snap at her unintentionally but quickly apologize afterward because she was mourning Haven too.

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Adrian wasn’t the only one who was snappy. Ben let out his emotions by being staggeringly rough on Mallory. It would have been better off he just talked to someone.

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Talking to Catherine would help Ben calm down and (possibly save Mallory). Kristen also began confiding in Catherine, since Mallory was not really helpful.

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Mallory had her own concerns. She wasn’t sure where her relationship with Ben was headed but they were having fun together and that was fine with her.

She was awfully cheerful every day.

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But weeks later, that cheerfulness turned to worry when strange things began to happen to her. Suddenly, Mallory found herself unable to keep her food down. The first time it happened, she thought it was because of her lunch from a food truck but when it became a frequent occurrence, she knew something wasn’t right.

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Mallory woke Kristine up in the middle of the night, complaining about how she was feeling. Compassionately, Kristen sat her down at the dinner table while Mallory explained her issues.

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“Mallory, are you seeing anyone?” Kristine asked.

“No. Why do you ask? Have you heard anything, seen anything?” Mallory nervously asked, thinking about Ben.

“I’m asking because those sound like pregnancy symptoms.” Kristine replied.

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“Well, the truth is, Ben and I … We may have hooked up a few times,” she shyly told her sister.

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“Are you guys together again? I suspected something!”

“No, we aren’t,” Mallory quickly replied, “Actually, I’m not sure.”

“Well, there is one thing you can be sure of. Take a pregnancy test,” Kristine suggested.

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And so Mallory did just that. She wasn’t sure which result she wanted to see.

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But when the test turned out to be positive, she was shattered.

“No, no, no … This can’t be!” She cried. Mallory took another test but the results were the same. Suddenly, she became very uneasy. At that point, she wasn’t even sure if she wanted to be with Ben or not.

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“Mallory, are you okay in there?” Kristine called out from outside the bathroom door.