Chapter 2.6: Silent Cry – Cash Legacy

Previously on Cash Legacy…

Eliza is born

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Dalia has a new boyfriend

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The little girl turns out to be just like Kristine

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Mallory has her baby

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Dalia graduates

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Eliza is taken

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Chapter 2.6: Silent Cry

As the hours went by, Kristine was getting desperate. She was so stressed that she started throwing up.

Adrian and Dalia were still at the party, so they didn’t know what was going on.

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Her last hope was Edward, a police officer that she once trained at the gym. She went straight to his house to ask for help.

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At his house, he listened carefully to every detail Kristine told him. Edward could see that she was very desperate. Coincidently, he knew her brother who was no stranger to a holding cell.

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They made a plan that would benefit everyone. First, Kristine agreed to meet Clinton to exchange the money for her daughter, without actually having the cash.

Then, the police would catch Clinton as soon as he handed Eliza over.

The plan didn’t go exactly as expected but it worked.

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Clinton arranged two locations: one where she was supposed to drop off the money and another where Eliza would be if Kristine actually brought the money.

The police caught Clinton where the money would be dropped off. Eliza was later found, dirty and asleep in the woods.

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Kristine bathed her, fed her, and put her to bed as if nothing happened.

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She would wish Dalia a happy birthday when she got home and say that she wasn’t at the party because they wouldn’t let Eliza into the bar.

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Dalia wasn’t terribly bothered that Kristine and Eliza weren’t at the party. She was far too excited about being done with school to care.

The first thing she did was get a crazy new haircut.

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Next, she had to convince Adrian to let her move to Ridge Waters, a city famous for its night life.

She was already planning parties for her former high school classmates (and getting paid) but she wanted to go bigger. She wanted to be the name behind celebrity parties. A town like Moodwayers had its limits.

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Her first attempt to convince Adrian happened after over a week of playing super-aunty, doing all the chores and making dinner.

To her surprise, he actually agreed but when it was time for her to leave, she chickened out.

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Besides, after the news Kristine had for everyone, there was no way Dalia was leaving. Kristine was expecting again.

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The anxiety that Clinton caused her never really left. With Eliza starting school soon and a baby on the way, all the anxiety came back.

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Dalia used to work from home a lot but as her client base grew she was out more often, which made Kristine more anxious.

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Eventually, everyone noticed that something was wrong with Kristine and that she had been acting weird since her brother appeared.

“What brother? She never told me she had a brother,” Adrian said.

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After that conversation, even Dalia became anxious.

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Well, anxious or not, Eliza was ready to age up and start school.

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For her birthday, Adrian got Eliza a limited edition tablet from his company. He claimed that it would help her in school but Kristine just thought she was being spoilt.

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Still, it made everyone happy to see Eliza happy, even Mallory who occasionally visited.

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Kristine asked Mallory to come over for a friendly chat but a simple conversation multiplied Kristine’s anxiety.

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