Chapter 2.6: Silent Cry – Cash Legacy

“You know, I was at the supermarket with Clinton the other day. He was asking a lot of questions about you,” Mallory said.

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“Clinton? He’s out? But how?” Kristine worried.

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The next thing that happened was the doorbell rang and it was Clinton standing outside.

“I’ll get it,” Mallory said, “I thought you might want to see him.

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“No, don’t open!” Kristine begged Mallory, but then she remembered that Eliza was playing outside.

As fast as she could, Kristine went outside and told Eliza, who was near Clinton, to go inside.

It appeared that the little girl had no memory of Clinton … or so Kristine thought.

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“Clinton, I don’t have anything to give you, so please leave,” Kristine said, trying her best to hide her fear.

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“Oh, come on! Don’t be like that. I just came to check on my big sister. I see you’re having another baby,” he observed.

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Clinton gave her a vindictive smirk before he left on his bike.

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After Clinton’s visit, Kristine couldn’t contain her anxiety. Adrian was very worried about her, so he took paid leave to stay home with her throughout the last month of her pregnancy.

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Despite Adrian being home all day, she still complained about there being someone outside, watching her.

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Kristine insisted on Eliza being home within 15 minutes after school or else she would be out looking for her.

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The night Kristine went into labor was fraught with terror over what would happen once she left the safety of her home.

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Adrian thought her panic was for nothing when the delivery went fine. That night, the twins were born: A boy named Francis and a girl named Gemma.

But then, a strange thing happened on the day that they were supposed to leave the hospital. A nurse told Adrian that her husband had already taken her home.

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“I’m her husband and no, I haven’t taken her home,” Adrian replied.

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“There must be some confusion. You said Kristine Cash, right? I’ll check again,” the nurse told him.

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After a thorough check, another hospital staff returned with the same answer as the nurse.

Adrian froze.

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He ended up coming home with the twins without Kristine but he left them with Dalia and hurried out again to look for her.

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For hours, he drove around, walked on foot where the car couldn’t go, and phoned Kristine several times but there was no sign of her.

“Where could she be? What the hell is going on? Who did she leave with?” Adrian anxiously wondered.

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At one point, a call went through. She was frantic and he couldn’t make out what she was saying until the call cut off suddenly.

“Kristine? Kristine!” Adrian yelled. He tried to call back but the number was unavailable.

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Eventually, Adrian went to the police station to seek help. Just by luck, the police officer who helped Kristine find Eliza overheard Adrian explaining his problem.

“Good evening, sir. My named is Edward. You may not know me but I was heading on the case when your daughter went missing.”

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“My daughter? She has never gone missing. It’s my wife that’s missing!” Adrian replied.”

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“There must be some misunderstanding here,” Edward said. He realized that Adrian didn’t know about Eliza’s kidnapping so, he told him the whole story.

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Adrian could not believe what he was being told. As for Edward, he wasn’t surprised that Kristine was missing.

“How come Clinton is out of jail?” Adrian questioned him. At that point, he was starting to feel like it was the police’s fault that his wife may have been kidnapped by Clinton.

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