Chapter 2.7: Separated from the Light

Previously on Cash Legacy…

With help of the police, Eliza is found

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Kristine keeps Eliza’s kidnapping a secret

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Kristine is expecting again

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Eliza starts school

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Kristine has twins

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Someone claiming to be Adrian takes Kristine from the hospital

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Adrian finds out that Mallory bailed Clinton out of jail

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Chapter 2.7: Separated from the Light

Ben and Mallory were woken up in the middle of the night by lots of loud banging on the front door and shouting.

Ben came outside in his boxers and was met with Adrian’s wrath.

“Where is Mallory? Tell her to come out here right now!” Adrian demanded.

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“Whoa! Dude, relax. I’m not letting you see her if you don’t calm down. What’s the matter with you anyway?” Ben asked.

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Seeing that he didn’t calm down, Ben went back inside the house and locked the door.

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Ben’s dismissal wasn’t enough to get Adrian to leave. Although he was hungry and tired, he sat at the front door the whole night, waiting for Mallory to come out.

Dalia kept phoning him and sending messages, begging him and Kristine to come home wherever they were because the twins were a bit too much to handle.

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When Ben saw that he was still out there in the morning, he made Adrian something to eat, feeling sorry for him.

“What’s going on, Ade?” Ben asked with deep concern.

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“I’ve been trying to tell you that Kristine is missing,” Adrian said before tiredly explaining his suspicion of Clinton and how Mallory paid for his bail.

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Adrian and Ben went inside and had breakfast at the dining table. Eventually, Mallory joined them. Adrian, too tired to argue, asked her about Clinton. Mallory explained that she didn’t know about Eliza being kidnapped.

Clinton told her that he had been framed and since Kristine didn’t tell Mallory about the kidnapping, she believed Clinton’s story.

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Adrian apologized for yelling at Ben. They all realized that everyone was a victim of Clinton.

“The last time I spoke to Clinton about a month ago, he was living in a town called Handridge,” Mallory told Adrian.

“That’s on the outskirts of Moodwayers. I’ll go there,” Adrian said.

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Ben shook his head, “No, you won’t. It’s better if the police handle it. You just brought home the twins. Go home and take care of them.”

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“Ben is right, Mallory said, “Maybe you should take a nap in the guest room. I’ll drive you home when I’m taking Nick to preschool.”

Mallory didn’t seem too worried. In her mind, Kristine wasn’t in danger if she was with Clinton.

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Later that morning, Adrian finally arrived at home. He headed straight to the babies’ room where he found the twins fast asleep.

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He lifted up Gemma and said, “I’ll bring mommy back. I promise.”

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The little girl woke up and began to cry and soon enough, Francis woke up too so Adrian feed them and coaxed them back to sleep.

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She wasn’t sure where she was but the walls were made of wooden panels and the ground was bare soil. Kristine woke up to this strange place.

A sink and toilet were in one corner and a mattress was propped up on some crates and in the same room, several garbage bins were left full.

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The big barrel doors that sealed off the place opened and in came Clinton.

“I hope you are enjoying your new home,” he sarcastically said.

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“You can’t keep me here forever, Clinton. Someone is going to start looking for me!”

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