Chapter 2.7: Separated from the Light

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“And you won’t be found. I’m going to make sure that you suffer and your kids do not recognize you as their mother. You’re not going anywhere, sister,” he scowled.

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She tried to escape but Clinton grabbed her before she even made it past the door.

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“I had a life with a wonderful woman,” Clinton said as he squeezed Kristine’s mouth shut, “I could have started over somewhere nice. All you had to do was give me some money but no … You got me arrested and she left me. Now, I’m going to make you pay.”

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He took a needle out of his pocket. One shot in the neck was enough to knock her out completely.

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Six days and 14 hours. That’s how long it had been since Kristine’s disappearance.

It was especially hard for Eliza, who kept having nightmares about a strange man leaving her in the woods. As a result, she wasn’t sleeping well and it showed in her school performance.

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Dalia tried to help Adrian with the twins as much as she could but the fact was that she wasn’t their mother and there were some things that only a mother could do.

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Two weeks and four days. The police had combed through Handridge, the area that Mallory said Clinton lived at, but they came out with nothing. The people in Handridge had a “see nothing, hear nothing” attitude.

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One month and two weeks. A dark cloud hung over the Cash household. It became a reality that Kristine might not be found alive.

Wherever she was, she was fighting.

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One year and nine months. Every month, Adrian would light a row of candles leading to the front door, in the hope that his beloved Kristine would return someday. If anyone ever suggested that he moved on, he would respond with rage and disgust.

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And then one evening, Adrian got a phone call from an unknown number. All that was said to him was an address and a time.

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He showed up at the place but there was nothing. Suddenly, a car sped past the pavement and threw Kristine out onto the pavement.

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For a moment, he just stood there in shock. She was unconscious and he feared what everyone else had been telling him to prepare for.

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When the shock wore off, it eventually came to mind that he should take her to a hospital and so he did.

The agony of not knowing whether she was okay or not was enough to drive him mad.

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