Chapter 2.8: Where Does the Time Go? – Cash Legacy

Previously on Cash Legacy…

Adrian learns that Mallory is innocent

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Clinton vows to make Kristine suffer

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The absence of her mother takes a toll on Eliza

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After being missing for almost two years, Kristine is thrown out of a moving car in front of Adrian

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Chapter 2.8: Where Does the Time Go?

“Mr. Cash?” A nurse said as he tapped Adrian’s shoulder, “She is awake and she’s asking for you.”

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Adrian followed the nurse to Kristine. The whole time, his heart was racing in anticipation of her.

“Adrian!” Kristine cried as she wormed off the bed to hug Adrian as soon as she saw him.

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Her body was so thin and frail that he was afraid to squeeze her.

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“Let’s go home now,” she pleaded, “I don’t feel safe here!”

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Adrian looked at the nurse and the nurse nodded in reply.

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Kristine ended up leaving in the hospital clothes because she didn’t have anything else to wear.

They came home the night of Francis and Gemma’s birthday. Dalia and Eliza were waiting for them at the front door.

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They were all very happy to see Kristine after nearly two years. After the happiness, the anger began to set in. Adrian wanted to know what happened to her.

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For some reason, Kristine kept delaying seeing the twins.

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The twins had grown so much. They both had Kristine’s green eyes and Adrian’s orange hair. Just looking at them made her emotional – she had missed so much.

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As she reached out to lift Gemma up, her hands began to shake. Her biggest fear was that the twins wouldn’t be able to adjust to her.

But as she held Gemma in her arms, the little girl warmed up to her easily and so did Francis.

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It took some getting used to before Kristine could really be herself around the twins. Most of the time, she would just be on her own, passing time. She didn’t leave the house at all.

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The fear of her kids being taken was still very strong, especially with Clinton still out there.

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Meanwhile, Dalia was ready to leave. She and Mikel were making plans to expand their client base in the neighboring city.

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Of course, Adrian and Kristine needed the extra help with the twins but since Eliza would be starting high school soon and the twins would be going to elementary school, Dalia felt that they would be okay without her.

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With everyone growing up so fast and Kristine having missed the first year of the twins’ lives, Adrian decided to make a giant photo album of the family from Haven’s days to the present day. It would make a good gift to pass down to the next generation and so, the Cash Family Album began:

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Gemma with her mom’s hairstyle

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Eliza is into all things fitness related

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Like twins!

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Moving in together wasn’t Mikel’s only plan for him and Dalia

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Gemma seems to have inherited Haven’s creativity

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Practicing for her Aunt Dalia’s big day

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Is that Kristine’s breakfast or Adrian’s?

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Quite the charmer

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Finally! The day arrived

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Rain has really aged

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Cash-Roe!

Guess who played the wedding march?

Adrian and Catherine gave touching speeches

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