Happy 1st Birthday, Ristical! Join the Party

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since Ristical began. To celebrate, I got together the Cash and the Monroes (long time, no see). Here’s how the party went down.

It started off with a group photo. Couldn’t risk taking it mid-party or at the end because who knows what state everyone might be in.

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\For Post\04-25-18_10-41-36 AM.jpg

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\For Post\04-25-18_10-52-25 AM.jpg

Afterwards, Don and Ben (of all people) started off the dancing.

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\For Post\04-25-18_10-55-47 AM.jpg

Others were more interested in the food selection from a restaurant called Testingcheats.

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\For Post\04-25-18_10-56-08 AM.jpg

Hunter and Catherine became quick friends.

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\For Post\04-25-18_10-56-48 AM.jpg

Haven has been dying to show off her moves at a rooftop party.

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\For Post\04-25-18_10-57-14 AM.jpg

All the ladies were looking great. Is that Alma’s granny?

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\For Post\04-25-18_10-58-02 AM.jpg

But no one is as gorgeous as Rea.

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\For Post\04-25-18_10-59-35 AM.jpg

Don is acting seriously weird.

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\For Post\04-25-18_11-00-48 AM.jpg

Catherine and Rea discovered that they have similar tastes in desserts.

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\For Post\04-25-18_11-05-04 AM.jpg

All the Cash siblings were sitting together. How sweet…

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\For Post\04-25-18_11-06-40 AM.jpg

Who knew Bailey could fly?

Texting AND smiling? Who is Granny chatting to?

Rea and Bailey sitting together? That’s new.

Okay, that’s it. What is up with Don?

There’s Ash being ridiculously cute for Bailey.

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\For Post\04-25-18_11-16-25 AM.jpg


C:\Users\admin\Desktop\For Post\04-25-18_11-17-46 AM.jpg

Catherine became one with the pole. Doesn’t look like she’s feeling well.

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\For Post\04-25-18_11-19-31 AM.jpg

I think Don had a little too much to drink. Ash, take his car keys.

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\For Post\04-25-18_11-20-23 AM.jpg

All the ladies want a piece of Hunter.

That better be fruit juice.

That’s better.


Smile for the camera!

Rea had her eyes on Adrian the whole time.

And Kristine had her eyes on Rea.

Don wasn’t finished yet. He still had to bust out some moves for Kristine, who he just met.

The party was a blast. It’s a good thing I took that group photo at the start because this is what happened when I tried to get a picture at the end of the party:

Don is dancing with a pole, Adrian and Kristine are having a moment and Hunter is playing with a … I have no idea what that thing is.

C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\04-25-18_11-50-04 AM.JPG

That’s it for the party. Now, let’s have a look at Ristical’s first year in action.

This is where it all began. That volume control in the picture is there because I built the whole site from a tablet, at first.

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\Work In Progress\Ristical\Happy 1st bday Ristical\First of Ristical.png

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\Work In Progress\Ristical\Happy 1st bday Ristical\Screenshot_2018-02-09-17-02-31.jpg

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\Work In Progress\Ristical\Happy 1st bday Ristical\Ristical Now.jpg

Lastly, a journey in pictures.

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