Jamey the Character - All about Jamey from Ristical Story
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Jamey the Character – All about Jamey from Ristical Story

His Past…

Jamey has always been the type to never give up until he gets what he wants. His determination is his greatest strength but sometimes it is also his weakness.

Jamey grew up on the outskirts of Golrifison with his hardworking parents who barely earned enough to support themselves and their only son. Jamey was determined to make his way up in the harsh streets of Golrifison and so, he joined the Nightfall Gang.

ristical story man holding sniper rifle

Jamey was talented and moved up the ranks quickly. He earned the respect of the boss, Andy Pickners, who convinced him that everything that the Nightfall did was justice for the people. That was a lie.

The Nightfall stole information, threatened, tortured people and had influential people assassinated.

Jamey did all of those things, all the while convincing himself that he was doing the city a favor by getting rid of certain people.

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To keep himself from going completely insane, Jamey took out his frustrations on the drums in the band Calectico with Ice and Rob. They had gigs infrequently and received a lot of mixed reactions but they kept on practicing hard, writing meaningful songs and building a loyal fan base.

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With Calectico’s increasing success, Jamey thought it was time to part ways with the Nightfall.

Jamey explained to Andy Pickners that he wanted to leave but one does not simply drop out of the Nightfall when they feel like it. Andy was surprisingly being very understanding, which was never a good thing.

Andy said that he would allow Jamey to leave the gang but only if he handled the one task that no one in the Nightfall would dare put their hands on: The Scath family.

A client wanted the Scath family gone. They were wealthy, powerful and wouldn’t accept any deals from thugs like the Nightfall gang.

The client requesting their murder turned out to be the youngest daughter of the Scath family, Zerona.

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She was a pretty girl, elegant and cheerful but something about her seemed a little off.

Zerona wanted her entire family burnt alive. She was offering a lot of money and business with the Nightfall gang after her family is dead and she is in charge of the Scath business and wealth.

The most disturbing thing was that she wanted to be there to watch as her family members perished.

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Jamey was hesitant. Zerona knew this and filled his mind with horror stories about the Scath family. She manipulated him to believe that he would be saving her from her family as well as freeing himself from the Nightfall, but only if he agreed to do the task.

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After a lot of thought, Jamey decided that he would do it and Zerona could not have been more pleased.

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With Zerona’s help to get into the house, Jamey pulled off the job. But as he hid in the bushes watching the house burn, he didn’t feel like a hero and he didn’t feel free.

ristical story man watching the house burn

Afterwards, Zerona stuck with Jamey. She had become quite attached to him.

They lived together for a while in a small apartment and spent lots of time together, since Zerona mostly stayed indoors to avoid the press. Zerona became obsessed with Jamey but the affection she showed was only half returned because he never really loved her.

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The truth was that every time he looked at Zerona, it reminded him of the things he had done and wanted to forget. Because of this, he got annoyed with her easily and they constantly fought.

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Jamey decided to end things with Zerona and leave his past behind him once and for all. He tried to explain his feelings to Zerona but she wouldn’t hear any of it.

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Zerona left and disappeared for almost 6 months.

In that time, Jamey moved into the apartment on Ice’s floor, Calectico had hit songs and Jamey made new friends like Xavier, Darla and Alissa.

Later on, he met Ristica at a gig in Grenner Valley when she was backstage looking for her cousin. It made him feel good to meet a nice girl who wasn’t hiring him for murder or just trying to see him shirtless up close.

Things were looking good for Jamey until one day Zerona appeared at his doorstep when his friends were visiting.

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Zerona acted like she never left. She decided that they were now friends and it didn’t sound like she was giving Jamey much of a choice.

Zerona made sure to introduce herself to all Jamey’s friends and she seemed to know a lot about all of them already.

Jamey didn’t like having Zerona around for a second. He couldn’t help but think she was up to something. Compared to the way she left, her return just seemed too peaceful.

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Regardless of what he thought of her, Zerona had returned and wouldn’t just disappear even if he closed his eyes and counted to 10.

ristical story jamey the character

What does Jamey truly want?

For Zerona to slip on a loose flagstone, break her neck and die, die, die!

Jamey desperately wants to be free of his past but it is proving to be difficult. With Zerona back in his life as a ‘friend’, could this be the new beginning he always wanted or something sinister?

Read on to find out!

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