Meet the Ambi - Characters in Ambivalence

Meet the Ambi – Characters in Ambivalence

I hope you’re up to date with Ambivalence. If not, don’t fret. You’re probably just two episodes behind.

Let’s have a look at some of the Ambi characters individually.


(Latin, meaning ‘moon’, named such because she arrived at the Ambi in the night)

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She comes to the Ambi as the recently-homeless Cara who is running away from someone that her boyfriend Santiago scammed. Within minutes, she is renamed by Norah, the leader of the Ambi, because she refuses to tell her name.

Luna paints it out as if Santiago did all the scams but later, Althea finds out that Luna is the real mastermind behind Santiago’s plans and maybe, just maybe, there’s a devious side to this pretty face.


(Latin, meaning ‘honor’)

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Despite both her and Rey being in charge, Norah sees herself as the only real leader of the Ambi and her husband Rey as just the “public face”.

She is the kind of person who always has her way and will use any means necessary to ensure that. Though her methods are sometimes questionable, the results are just as intended. Only Malaki knows what she gets up to.

In Norah’s eyes, Malaki is some kind of tool that is incapable of performing tasks up to standard without her input while Althea, her secret lover, is held in higher regard.

Unbeknownst to Norah, her greatest weakness is Althea.


(Hebrew, “Mal’akhi” meaning ‘my messenger’)

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Often known as the Messenger, his role in the Ambi can best be described as “Jezebel’s PA”. He handles the dark-side of things around the Ambi.

When he is not at the Crescent (the Ambi’s building), he will probably be behind the camera, doing what he does best.

The Ambi’s connections helped launch his career as a model and because of his loyalty to them, he moved up the ranks. But it’s not enough for Malaki.


Because he secretly loathes being Norah’s tool and feels that he is smart enough to be Norah’s superior.


(Greek, meaning ‘healing’)

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Both beautiful and intelligent, Althea organizes most of the Ambi’s events and handles new members. As a human rights lawyer by profession, the Ambi gives her a platform to reach more people and do more.

Although her intentions are good, Althea has adopted Norah’s approach to the new recruits. She looks up to Norah and has a lot of respect for her even though she knows that Norah doesn’t keep her in the loop all the time.

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