Monroes – A New Sims 4 Story on Ristical

Guess what? A new Sims 4 story will be starting on Ristical! 


The Monroes

A family plagued with secrets…

One might think that the Monroes have it all when strolling past the massive structure that the Monroes call home but, as we know, appearances are only half of the truth.

The famous Monroe mansion is filled with family from the eldest blood-relative to the youngest Monroe but still, a threatening silence is all that is ever heard.

Conversations, if ever they happen, are brief and unpleasant. Parties, trips and vacations are a solo affair whether or not it’s Christmas or a Friday night. Birthdays are best enjoyed elsewhere, if anyone bothers to remember.

Lies, secrets and unexpressed feelings maintain the heavy silence.

Very soon, that silence will be broken and the lives of the Monroes will never be the same again.

Are you ready for the revelation?


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