My Simself Presenting a Reality Show | Ristical Reality EP 1
Ristical Reality

My Simself Presenting a Reality Show | Ristical Reality EP 1


Welcome to Ristical. I’m Sylri Simself, the new host of Ristical channel and I’m thrilled to announce our new show, Ristical Reality!

Ah, just look … Del Sol Valley, my new home. I’m going be traveling around the world meeting the best of Ristical World, and sometimes the weirdest, and it’s all for the love of entertainment.

We’ll catch up with the hottest celebrities from the skyscrapers of San Myshuno to the red carpets of Del Sol Valley.

There’s so much to see and do in the world of Ristical and we’re going to explore it all together.

And I really do mean ALL!

Coming up, we’ve got an exclusive with the mysterious Ambi community with celebrity Malaki Herron.

If you’re hungry for the unusual then we’ve got you covered. Some things don’t make sense but that’s what we love.

Now, I know I’m not as famous as the Monroes and my house isn’t as fancy as theirs, as you’ll see in the speed build of my starter home but I’m gonna get famous! And it’s all thanks to all the other gullible Sims desperate for the spotlight.

Stay tuned. We’re just getting started I’ll see you next time with my very, very basic starter home in the Valley. So quick, quick! Hit the subscribe button and that little bell so that you don’t miss it.

I need to go now and shoot the very first episode of Ristical Reality. Until we next meet, bye-bye for now. Later.

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