Depressed Alma sitting on the ground beside her bed - Ristical Sims 4
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Okay… Let’s Get Real

So, it’s been a while since I posted anything new (anywhere, for that matter). The reason is that as much as I love my Cash family Sims… it’s missing something.

I was feeling nostalgic lately so I went back and reread Ristical Story (remember the one with the redhead that put Ristica in hospital) and it made me realize that those are the kinds of things I like to see in my game – the ultra-realistic sets and unexpected scenarios.

Okay... Let's Get Real

Okay... Let's Get Real

And so, I’m bringing it all back with something new and true to Ristical.

Here’s what’s going to happen:

– Cash Legacy will continue in pictures (can’t just end at Gen 2, can we?)

– A new series is rolling in and we’ll finally find out what happened to Alma from Monroes Story (this is where I left off)

Okay... Let's Get Real

And more coming soon on Ristical…